Week 2

After last week’s course, this week’s course is more inclined to build an understanding of data visualization.We are more about knowing what data is and what is the way to investigate data.For me, after a week of confusion, I have some knowledge of this major.


The first is the initial understanding of the differences between information design and data visualization.Just like what i learned in the course, information design often with a utilitarian purpose. Can be a practice as well as an artefact. However, data visualization is the presentation is frequently overlaid by a comment or critique on a social or cultural context. As braun mentioned in the book,the core of data visualization is intellectual and creative richness. After we get the dataor information , if we just analyze, count and make the data become charts, we get a nice data chart. Like the book mentioned , a good-looking chart is not enough for data visualization.instead, those facts should be organized around a cohesive narrative.A good ‘data visualization’ should be a story. Data visualization is a continuation phenomenon.

Moreover, We also learned some basics about making data charts.  (LATCH)




For different data, the different chart functions are completely different.Or the chart has some limitations, just like the time class chart, it is better to understand when making time-related data. meanwhile using different charts together can easier makes a complete a ’story’.

Beside that,We also know how to collect information.

And for a successful data visualization, it is a combination of primary research and secondary research and second-hand research is to support primary  research. Otherwise, primary research is not objective and accurate.

In addition, the choice of typeface and color  is also necessary,Incorrect fonts and colors can mislead users into reading data.And these are more like an aesthetic. ‘the aesthetic aspects of data visualization can be considered as importan as the data itself in helping readers get interested about a topic and triggering their curiosity to explore more ‘ lupi said.

These are some of my knowledge of data visualization this week, and I hope to have the same enthusiasm to learn at next week.


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